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Kirsty Rose
Pilates OM Bristol

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Kirsty offers very high quality Private and Group Classes. Here is an insight of Kirsty's life as a Pilates, Yoga and Movement Instructor and Practitioner.  Kirsty lives in the City of Bristol.

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Why Pilates OM?

Kirsty teaches much more than Pilates in Bristol....

Group Barre, Yoga and meditation.

 Pilates has been her foundation of all her years of movement. Since 2015 Kirsty has been teaching and constantly learning about Pilates fundamentals, posture, alignment and it has kept her and her clients injury free for many years.  Her Yoga teacher training and self practice has pushed her mind and body to work in unison, to achieve things she didn't think her body could or would achieve.

 Why OM?

Om means universe. The past, the present, and the future. If we apply solid Pilates principles with a positive mind, the body can heal and achieve beautiful things through all disciplines of mindful movement. 

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About Kirsty Rose

Kirsty is a fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor trained in Matwork. In addition, she is a certified Balancedbody Reformer Instructor, as well as trained in injuries, Pre/Post Natal, and a Barre Fitness Instructor. She has also recently received her certification in her 200hr RYT Vinyasa Yoga in Bali with Yoga Alliance.

Kirsty is based in Bristol, (BS16) UK, her home Studio is located 2 mins from Willy Wicket pub, there is free off road parking, shops and amenities nearby. 

Kirsty had taken Pilates classes as part of her professional dance training since 2004. After 10 years of dancing, she needed to rehabilitate her body after the pressures dancing had put on it, so she decided to retrain as a Pilates instructor, to educate and teach clients how to work the correct muscles, strengthen and improve the way they move in and out of the Pilates class. 

  • Kirsty has been injury free for 8 years since practicing Pilates regularly (personal practice at least 3 times a week)

  • Kirsty has always loved moving mindfully since a young age, dance was her first passion aged 10! Due to Pilates she is still dancing and moving correctly with ease of movement now!

  • BA HONS 2:1 Degree in Contemporary Dance & Musical Theatre, and qualified dance teacher.

  • Kirsty first career started in 2007 when she travelled the world working as a professional dancer.

Kirsty certified as a Pilates instructor in 2015, fell in love, and began teaching in Bristol (UK) in gyms, and small private studios offering group and private Pilates.  She was headhunted by Nuffield health & worked in their corporate gym studio offering classes in offices and businesses in the UK. She then married & moved to Dubai, (UAE) with her husband.  She worked with several boutique studios offering group and personalised private classes, working with injuries, athletes, busy working parents, stay at home mums, and other Pilates professionals.

Kirsty offers Private 1:1, 2:1 sessions, small group sessions in and around Bristol. Her private programs will be tailor made to the individual specific clients needs, posture, capabilities and challenges.

In all her classes there is a real sense of correct technique, basic Pilates principles, using the correct muscles to keep your body strong, for a dynamic full workout. 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced to Pilates or movement, Kirsty believes with specific modifications her group classes are suitable for everyone.

She welcomes and looks forward to you getting in touch.



WELCOME: Testimonials

Kirsty is a highly recommended Pilates instructor who puts you, the participant, first. You will leave her sessions feeling extremely relaxed and fulfilled. Thank you Kirsty.

Ric Coles- Senior Software Engineer


 "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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Get in touch to learn more about 1-1 private reformer sessions  in Bristol, and making Pilates and movement a part of your lifestyle.

Ripon Court Downend, Bristol, BS16 6RL


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