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An honest update by Kirsty Rose

Hello all, I've not known what to post for such a while now.... firstly I hope everyone is keeping safe and well, I hope everyone is finding the time and headspace to take a little bit of meditation each day (even to focus on your breathing and focus soley on that) I hope everyone has found some energy to move each day, even for a little walk (if possible with restrictions) and you've all found a little time to flow on the mat. I guess what I want to say is try to find the same positivity you had before the pandemic, try to keep moving, try to breathe and keep contact with family and friends. Having these moments really do help me to have a good day. It really isn't easy (trust me, we had a totally different plan for 2020 than how it's atm) but I'm so grateful I have my health, my loved ones and the internet to keep in touch. Truth be told I've been guilty of not always staying positive, but this week I've found doing these things daily, what a difference it has made. Here's a photo of me in one of my favourite asanas, the dancer's pose (Natarajasana) in Vietnam during our honeymoon. We had to cut the honeymoon short, and almost didn't make the flight back to the UK due to government new guidelines, we are just grateful to have had our wedding and honeymoon. We hadn't intended to be back in the UK, we had planned to be back working in the UAE, but with the pandemic things change. One thing this situation has taught me is live in the present moment as best as possible as things can change so quickly, and you can not help what's out of your control. What I can control is being happy, mindful, active and hopeful.

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12. Juni 2020

Kirsty, loving the images and reading your resume . J x

Gefällt mir
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